What Should We DU?

At the University of Denver, we DU it for the LOLZ.

Anonymous asked: Is there a specific reason why you're not passing on this blog to someone else to continue new content? This blog has become such a pleasing thing to come to during the school year and seeing such relative posts was a nice way to de-stress after a long day of school.

Mostly, it’s because I’m not sure of how I would decide who to pass it along to, because I don’t know how I’d judge who would do it best. The next funny thing within the DU community will come to popularity without my help, I think. As my dad says, “Let things happen as they will happen. Think of events in your life like farts: if you have to force them, they’re probably shit.”

My dad is a wise man.

Anonymous asked: hey! my brother is going to a be a freshman at DU in the fall and I am trying to make a 'going off to college' basket. Is there any DU specific advice, or gift cards, or any stuff he wouldn't know he needed? thanks!

Followers, want to weigh in?

I would suggest gift cards to lots of the restaurants around DU if they’re available in your area: Chipotle/Illegal Pete’s, Noodles and Company, Anthony’s Pizza, just to name a few, or even to grocery stores like Safeway or Trader Joe’s, since everyone likes to buy their own groceries once in awhile.

Perhaps the best DU-specific advice I can think of is: if you have a fake ID, don’t use it at Morgan’s!

Anonymous asked: Alex Clever?

Updates on the future of WhatShouldWeDU? coming soon!

Sorry for the lack of posts, y’all. Turns out finishing finals, moving out of my house and into a different one, and celebratory alcohol consumption don’t leave much time for the internet.

Stay tuned for the long-awaited answer to the question of what will come of WSWDU now that I’m graduating!